Artist statement

    I am trying to turn the story into something more amusing and interesting and to create a whole new atmosphere in the visual image. With undisguised humor, sarcasm and grotesque, an eye for the small things in everyday life, fondness for topics that blur the line between reality and illusion, and creation of an alternative realm where past and future, reality and fantasy become one. This transformation draws upon my own understanding of the surrounding world as well as my sense of humor and positive outlook. By transforming this information I am looking to convey a new sense of reality to the public.


    In their masterpiece A Thousand Plateaus, Deleuze and Guatarri talk about the principle of becoming an animal. However, it doesn´t mean wearing an animal mask or copying the behaviour of animals, but essentially becoming one ourselves. Such a transformation provides the ability to perceive the world more intensely and sincerely. Thus, we are in the heart of the matter - what else is the work of the artist? Becoming an animal is very similar to being a foreigner or a child. It is they, who, in their view of the world are able to create a synthesis which at first sight seems incompatible or possessing conflicting issues and problems. In Lyuben Petrov's paintings it is possible to understand this in a similar way. They represent the multicultural landscape of symbols, scenes and themes in unusual combinations. They are known as landscapes in which each step ends with a surprise, they are unclassifiable and bold at the same time.

    One of the main principles of the artist's work which can be seen is transformation. For example, in a series of paintings called Sweet Sixteen; the girls there find themselves in a process of noticing their animal femininity, they are in a position of proud Amazons standing in a defensive pose in front of their attributes of their children's games and dreams, which are resting in the hall with trophies from the first hunt. The transformation, which is also an ironic commentary on our contradictory relationship to nature, is contained in a series of paintings with animals (Skin1-6, Albinos, Shepherds )This is a paraphrase of colonialist symbology of wildlife subjugation, where the skins of tigers, antelopes and zebras are represented through combinations of two different species of animals as a result of genetic mutation. Another version shows the subject of becoming a domesticated crocodile practicing catching dainties from the human hand. At first glance, these topics are blatant and shocking, so are the colors used. But to think that provocation was the author's aim would be wrong.

    Their contents are too well thought out, eager to be communicated. A Gorilla sitting on a sofa in a pose reminiscent of Urbinská Venus (Venus with orchids) is also a link to the history of art and also an ironic commentary on the cult idealization of feminine beauty, like a couple on vacation watching an oil rig exploding (Boom Boom). This view of the intimate still-life with a disaster is not in any way unreasonable, if we think of the recent oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. These images make us feel insecure. They show humorous, moving and very poignant scenes, behind which is hidden a critical reflection on the current state of the society and also a kind of romantic and very important desire for peace. There is an urgent need for a better and fairer world, which is built on his imagination for example from the tradition of Kuker ( the Bulgarian feast, where people dress up in colorful masks to summon fruitful years and drive away evil spirits), or reproduced in Slavic heroes, sleeping princes, knights and mysterious characters sent from heaven. There is no reason to be afraid of grand gestures, we all long for stories. We just need to keep our eyes open and watch.

    MgA. Jana Pisarikova

    Artist statement

    Born 1984 in Burgas, Bulgaria

    2009 – 2011 (Master's degree) University of Technology, Faculty of Fine Arts , painting, prof. Martin Mainer, Brno, Czech Republic,
    2003 – 2007 (Bachelor's degree), painting in National Academy of Arts, Sofia , Bulgaria

    19.5.2014 “Dive into my palette”, Gallery Peron, Prague Czech Republic
    13.9.2013 Lyuben Petrov and Edmond Demirdzian, "EDMOND",Young artist Award, Gallery Rakursi, Sofia, Bulgaria
    11.1.2013 "After the apocalypse", Gallery Mainerova, Prague, Czech Republic
    20.4.2011 “I am not lost ghoast“, Gallery Stodvacettrojka, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic
    18.01.2010 "Rabbits stories", Gallery TROJKA, Brno, Czech Republic
    04.06.2009 "New Inspirations”, Gallery BIK, Prague, Czech Republic
    08.02.2007 "Sea Gifts", Gallery Nesi, Burgas, Bulgaria


    " Picassova sladka pomsta aneb vypravy do moderniho umeni", Czech Environmental Inspectorate (CEI),Plzen, Czech Republic
    "Jeden ptak jaro nedela", Gallery u Prstenu, Prague, Czech Republic
    "12th International Contemporary Art Fair", Art Prague, Prague, Czech Republic
    " Nad vodou ", Gallery Behemot, Gallery Sokolovna, Martin Mainer and art group TUBE, Brandys nad Orlici, Czech Republic
    "MOST ": Bulgarian Contemporary Art Contest, The Museum Gallery of Modern Art , Sofia, Bulgaria
    " Zadnej lezer", art group TUBE, Gallery worksho@py, Prague, Czech Republic
    “Druhoroj”, Gallery D-ecore, Gallery Chemistry, Prague, Czech Republic
    “Crash Test” Gallery Topicuv salon , Prague, Czech Republic
    „Pokracuj...“ Gallery Chodovska tvrz, Prague, Czech Republic
    „Na ceste do...“, Gallery Radnice, Vsetin, Czech Republic
    Presentation Diplom work, Wannieck Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic
    ”Walk on the wild side”, Gallery Stary pivovar , Brno, Czech Republic
    "GOODFELLAS", Gallery Luzanky, Brno,Czech Republic
    “Arskontakt contest, Brno, Czech Republic
    “Berlin ist Brno - Brno ist Berlin”, Gallery Aula, FAVU, Brno, Czech Republic
    “Border situation“ drawing contemporary art”, Gallery “Industrial 11”, Sofia, Bulgaria
    “Lyubomir Ivanov - bashtata i Lyuben Petrov”, Gallery BKI , Bratislava, Slovakia
    " Aritmie", Art museum Georgi Velchev, Varna, Bulgaria
    " 60 years speciality wall painting, Razgrad, Bulgaria
    "Trafik", Gallery Shipka 6-SBH, Sofia, Bulgaria
    "Format 30x30", Gallery Astry, Sofia, Bulgaria
    Young artist exhibition, Gallery Shipka 6-SBH, Sofia, Bulgaria
    Frame of reference '' sea - coast ", Gallery SBH, Burgas, Bulgaria
    "The Body", Gallery Shipka 6-SBH, Sofia, Bulgaria
    " Monochrome", Gallery Biblioteka, Burgas, Bulgaria
    Workshop " Art - e - gration”, Sofia, Bulgaria
    " Open Arts Space ” , Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
    Young artist exhibition, Gallery Shipka 6-SBH, Sofia, Bulgaria
    Young artist exhibition, Gallery Shipka 6-SBH, Sofia, Bulgaria
    International meeting of Arts, Hissar, Bulgaria
    International meeting of Arts " Via Pontica ", village Jasna Poliana, Bulgaria
    Young artist exhibition, Gallery SBH, Burgas, Bulgaria
    Young artist exhibition, Gallery SBH, Burgas, Bulgaria
    participation in art instalation "Systems of Life”Dionissos feasts, Sozopol, Bulgaria


    27.9.2013, newspaper "Kultura" /31, Sofia, Bulgaria
    11.4.2013, intervw newspaper "Pravo", Prague, Czech Republic
    18.3.2013, ART PRAGUE Young Award - artist under the age of 35 years
    27.7.2012, Bulgarian Contemporary Art Contest, "MOST", SELECTION OF THE INTERNATIONAL JURY, Sofia, Bulgaria
    catalog , 31.10.2011 Crash Test” gallery Topicuv salon , Prague, Czech Republic
    newspaper “Dnes“, 20.4.2011 “I am not lost ghoast“, Gallery Stodvacettrika, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic
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    magazine“ А2“, 04.06.2009 "New Inspirations”, BIK Prague, Czech Republic
    newspaper “Chernomorski far“, 08.02.2007 "Sea Gifts", Burgas, Bulgaria


    13.9.2013, "EDMOND",Young artist Award ,Sofia, Bulgaria
    18.3.2013, ART PRAGUE Young Award - artist under the age of 35 years
    27.7.2012, Bulgarian Contemporary Art Contest, "MOST", FINAL SELECTION OF THE INTERNATIONAL JURY, Sofia, Bulgaria

    Museum of Sofia Art Gallery

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